Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ZIon-October 2009

Hello! No, I didn't fall off the face of the planet. I'm still here. Just been a tad bit busy. Sorry, again for neglecting you. I'm back tracking a bit to October and our annual trip to Zion National Park. Oh, The Desert Pearl Inn, how I missed you. We set up shop early Friday morning and headed out for a little hike. With Anthony in the baby backpack (thanks, Jana!) we headed to Emerald Pools. Here's my handsome honey.I gotta say, being on the inside of a waterfall is pretty spectacular.I realize this photo is a little blown out, but it's the only one I got of my little family on our adventures.And the Bone's with Wonder Baby. And a little Franny thrown in the mix.Then we ran into this little guy... Hello little guy! I made Bug Man put his foot next to this furry eight legged friend so you have an idea of the size of the spiders in Zion. He was just moseying along, trying to get to the other side of the trail, not bothering anybody (save for myself). The next morning we travelled a little way down to Grafton, a little ghost town, consisting of a school/church, a few little houses, our motorcade/entourage, serious-faced Bug Mana few goofy kids...Wait...Everybody's leaving me...in a ghost town. Hang on, gotta run to catch up to them.Also spotted in Grafton: my sister's hiney. (Sorry seester...I had to:)There's also this tiny little cemetary there, next to this little hill that everyone hiked up, Erwin and Drewby...Everybody wave!Of Course, this is where ol' Cedar Pete is buried.Pop and Wonder Baby had a grand ol' time together. That baby does not let his Pop out of his sight. Ever.
Ok, so this is pretty cool... my parents met a man, and I don't remember how, who said "Hey, come check out my cool toys if ever you're on the road to Grafton." We happened to be on that road, so we stopped to see his cool toys. His garage is every adult male's playground. He's got all kinds of stuff. He and his team/family set the land speed record, and are the current land speed record holders. Here's the latest vehicle he was working on.This one is the current record holder. It has a helicopter engine in it...how cool is that?!?You can read all about them here!
Then, of course back to the pool for a little fun! That's about all we did. Hike, Pool, and eat. I love our annual Zion trip, and would like to give a shout out to the sponsor of such luxury. Thanks Ma and Pa! I love you!