Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vacuum Attachement

There are five hundred million things in our house for a baby to play with - safely. But does he want one single thing to do with ANY of them? 'Course not. What he DOES want is the plug to any appliance when it'splugged into the electrical outlet, while said appliance is running. Which I'm pretty sure turns out to be not so safe. So, we resort to vacuuming like this:

Dental Hygiene is KEY!

I'm really not one of those crazy-obsessed dental office worker, hygiene types, really. I like good dental hygiene as much as the next guy...but I'm not so crazy that I'd make my 10 month old child obsess over it. He just has a thing for a toothbrush! I gave him a little one to play with/get used to and everytime he sees Tony or I brushing, he wants in on the action!
Isn't my husband svelt? He's trimmed down (which is the only reason he let me put these photos up) and got himself a HOT farmer tan. I guess that's what happen when you spend most of your day in the desert sun, golfi-er, I mean working, yeah, that's it...working! (You should see his legs...calves are nice and dark, thighs and ankles...not so much!)

Just gettin' in a little back yard time!


This is the easter dump-truck/wagon. Basket, you ask? Baskets are for wussies. Ok, not really, we just didn't get photos of that. It was rather uneventful...the basket that is. Nurf football and basketball, that are already gone (dog) and a sand castle bucket and shovel. Easter Bunny was a little weak this year, maybe I'll send a letter of complaint and hope for a better one next year.

Anthony was pretty happy with the dump truck/wagon full of giant lego-type blocks (times 2). Auntie Tara and Grandma got the same one... Like mother/Like child.

If at first you don't succeed...

My favorite thing to do is watch this kid figure out the world. It's sometimes hard for me to just sit back and let him do what ever it is he wants to do without reaching in and showing him. The first couple attempts at the stairs head-first weren't really going his way, so I picked him up, took him down a couple and put him back down so show him to go down backwards, the way most tiny humans do, but he thought that meant go back up, since of course he was facing that direction, he'd proceed back up the few that I had carried him down. He'd get to the top, turn around and try the face-first route again. So I sat on my hands and tried to let him figure it out on his own. With mom and top and Nana right below, I let him go for it. He didn't do too shabby either!
A little carpet burn on the nose never killed anybody!
The next day, back up it was...for about 30 minutes, all we did was up, down, up, down, up, get the picture, right? I didn't quite make it in time with the camara, but he went from the other side of the table to here, underneath, scaling over the foot-rests on the chairs. Quite the little climber.
First whipped cream beater...YUM!
Maybe laundry time?
Again, with the climbing. What gives?