Sunday, May 30, 2010


So, I've been absent a while, eh? Well, I'll do my best to keep up, but make no promises. I mean, seriously? How do people keep up with this? Pioneer Woman... how do you have 4 kids and not just a blog, but a REALLY great blog? Wowsa. Well, Here's just a quick little update about our FABULOUS vacation with the Harts. We started off on a week long Caribbean adventure (sans kids, good call Megs, GOOD CALL!) and had an amazing time. This is a not so detailed, or chronological, or organized in any way, shape or form account of our exploits.Having a great time on our Jeep Tour in Cozumel...

Then we (and by we, I clearly mean Megan) had an excellent time mini golfing on the ship, minus the 869 million bugs and 700 mile an hour wind.

We got all gussied up for a night on the (ship?) town... Obviously Megan and I were meant to be life long friends, as you can see that neither of us thinks it one bit necessary to be serious in a photograph, no matter how dressed up you are.Although, Tony was none too amused with our shenanigans, and I paid the price dearly. Can you see the pain?After being all fancied up, we jumped in the Ocean in Grand Cayman to swim with the sting rays. This is the MOST amazing thing, ever. Should you ever get the chance to do this... DO IT! It's like no other experience you'll ever have. Look... we are friends, we do exist in the same photo!I gave my new little ocean friend a kissy, while Tony gave one a hug.Then, I thought it's been a few minutes since I've last seen the Harts...scanned the sea (of people)...wait, there they are...I can still hear it. "OVER HERE!" Not sure if they were trying to get my attention or practicing their syncronized swimming routine. Can't lie, that's my favorite sequence of pictures... EVER. Sorry guys, couldn't resist.
Then... The unthinkable happened; Megan conqured her fear, BIG fear of sea creatures and snuggled up to one. Until it realized she didn't have food. And clearly she thinks the poor creature thinks she IS the food.

Hmmm, yep, no order this post. (sorta poetic, given my orderless life) Here we are back in Cozumel. We took an awesome Jeep tour (good call again Hart's) and had so much fun on that. We got to take a jeep around the whole island.We did have a little pit stop, clearly marked for what the pit stops purpose served. Hmmm.Then, on our way back to the ship, I think I may have said something along the lines of "I wonder how Scout is..." So, Tony took the liberty of doing a great Scout impression, and licked me right upside the face. Nice babe, nice. More time on the ship... On the way to dinner. It was so fun to sit and eat dinner with great friends every night for a whole week. Especially friends that you only get to have dinner with when one of travels a long way to do so. Megan's display of the desserts, that I can barely talk about with out feeling sick because I ate WAY too much of it!See anything wrong with this picture...?Our last few hours with the Harts, we spent in Coral Gable, FL, which was an AWESOME little place, right next to Miami. Loved every minute of this trip and really really really hope we get to do it again someday. (May be a while now...) More to come... My little guy turns 2 tomorrow. Can't hardly believe.