Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wouldn't it be nice?

Here are some random goodies I couldn't resist sharing!
OUT! I love when he sprawls out like this...too cute!

Such a little boy.

Just chillin' in my hoodie with my peeps. Hey?!? Where did my peeps go?

She opened her eyes for this photo, but she was passed out cold on Tony's foot!

Smell My Feet...

I love these jammies! I can't resist pumpkin bum! He did have a little dirty diaper situation so Tony now refers to the pumpkin bum as "Rotten Pumpkin" and rightfully so I guess!
Jack O'Lantern Feet!


There is no shortage of love for our little man! He gets sooooo much attention! Here he is playing with Max at Coleman's soccer game in SLC. He loves his cousins! Andrew calls him "Afney" while other variations have been adopted by others, we have Athney, and Anferney! Too Cute! Max and Anferney

Auntie Tara put him to sleep!

Leave the Cannoli!

Ohhh, San Gennaro! It used to be an annual occasion, but for some reason, it's become Semi-Annual. It's my favorite time to get my grub on! Italian Sausage, Pizza, Gellato, Texas Twister (super-sugar-y lemonade, with lime, cherry, orange, and who knows what else) and that's just the first go-around! I always leave there about 5 lbs heavier, because it's SOOO Good! It was AJ's first trip the the Italian Food Festival! Take notice of my smile, yes, showing off ALL my teeth! That's the food kicking in. I can't help it!

Zion Nat'l Park

Andersen Family in Zion 2008. My family has an October gathering spot at Zion Nat'l Park. It's so great! The Desert Pearl Inn IS Zion! We mostly spent our time by the pool, but did manage to get in one hike! (which was more leisure stroll than hike, but who's counting?) Brian, Angie, Emily, Eliza, Max, Franny, Tony, AJ and I did this one! Usually we do have a larger group, but The Bone's couldn't make it, nor could The Oregon Andersen's (We missed you all, and hope to see you there next year!) Hiking Trail?...Of Course it's the perfect place to strike a pose!

This Pic is for extended family on my mom's side all meet at Lake Alturas every year, and for as many as I can remember, and have on record, there is a photo of my mom and her brother taking a picture of the other taking a picture of them! Confused yet? Me too... considering that we have probably 25 years on file of my mom with the camara to her face, and my uncle Dick with a camara to his face! SO, Angie and I are starting the tradition too! Consider 2008 on the record book!

Eliza Jane...Front and Center!

My Family on the hike! Don't make fun of my Axl Rose ears were cold! Note: AJ awake and happy...

AJ asleep... didn't last long!

All tuckered out... it's so exhausing being carried around!

Mmm, Mmm, Good!

Solid food has been our newest adventure. We were given the green light, so we started with a little wall paper paste, oh, oops, I mean Rice Cereal! For all he cares it is wall paper paste. He squished it around in his mouth for a second, the out it came!

Cereal Prep...
Cereal Spit...
Clinging to the chair for dear life... GET ME OUT OF HERE!
When all was said and done, I did nurse him afterwords, as to follow the doctor's instruction. Although I didn't capture that with the camera, he did have a look on his face as to say "OH, Thank Heaven!" A little relief that I wasn't taking that away from him!
So a week or so past and we started veggies. Peas were the first veggie encounter. He actually ate them! And, from what I can tell, I think he likes them!

Ok, so maybe he's wearing a little more that he ate?!?

Pea Smile

Leaning in for more! Oh Yeah!

And for good measure, Tony figured if he can Rice Cereal, and Peas, why not a little licorice?

MMMMM, Licorice!

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'...

Here is AJ's Rolling. He typically goes from his back to his front, then gets mad because he doesn't want to be on his tummy; however, he won't stay on his back long. If you put him down, he doesn't stay long, he rolls right over to his tummy. He does roll the other way, just not very often.

Before Roll...

After Roll

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What?!? It's October!?!

Where does the time go? Seriously? I can't believe it's October, and on the late side of October at that! xdc cs z\\

\\ hg h g ij ik mi tf dvg

No, I havn't lost it... that was AJ's input to this post. Funny enough, those are acutally the sounds he makes! ( If you didn't know that "\" made a does, you just have to listen for it!) He wanted to add his imput, but when he started drooling on the keyboard, I decided he was done! He is getting so big. Over 17 lbs, and he's already 6'2". Ok, not quite, but at this rate, it won't be long. He's 4 1/2 months and he is: rolling over, playing with his ears, lots (he just discovered that he had something fun to play with on the side of his entertainment), drooling LOTS (teeth may be just around the corner), making some great noises (as noted above), scooting (a precursuer to crawling, much too soon in my mom opinion), he wants to stand ALL the time, and lots of other stuff.