Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All dressed up

And no place to go! Well, folks it is upon us again. The day that I used to dread, for it meant a moody husband, endless hours of balls, strikes, runs, fouls, outs, walks, RBI's, ERA's and a lot of other BS! But, oddly enough I find myself with little butterflies of anticipation, with the excitement of the smell of hot dogs and cotton candy, lazy summer days and perfect weather. That's right, it's almost here...I can almost taste it. Baseball Season at last! It's been a great off season, but I'm ready for it to roll around again. I've been converted to baseball. Although I had never really followed the sport, much less a specific team, I did always like the Red Sox, probably because my sister lived in Boston for 4 years while her hubby went to dental school, but then I married Tony, and my BoSox took a back seat. At first I became an Angels fan by marriage, and although I really tried to ignore it, they never went away, and like the sun rises every day, baseball season rolls around every year. I gave in. I will say it...I am now a true fan. I'll join in the jersey wearing, the trash talking, the hot-dog eating, the wave doing and enjoy every minute! I really have come to love our get-aways for games and take in the SoCal weather. So...here we go again...LET"S GO ANGELS!

Although Anthony did join us last year about mid-season, he wasn't here to truely appreciate baseball. So, we're getting an early start!

Defending Carseat

Addie got a little curious about AJ's carseat and went to scope things out...

AJ saw these happening, and quickly went to defend his territory (typical boy).

Imagine how big we look to this little guy!

Draper Temple

I love that anyone can walk through a temple prior to it being dedicated. It is such an awesome experience. Tony and I had the opportunity to go while we were in UT, and walk through the Draper Temple. It sits right up on the base of the mountain, and is so awesome the way it's nestled in. The last time I got to do this, it was the Bountiful Temple and I think I was about 12 or so. Too young to really get it. I'm so grateful that Tony wanted to go with me and see what it was all about. An awesome experience for both of us! Now, we're looking foward to the Oquir Mt. Temple to see yet another beautiful building. Sorry, picture quality on this isn't great, we didn't have the best vantage point, and time of day lighting wasn't optimal, but you can still see it's beauty!

Snowboarding ( I use the term loosely)

In January, while in SLC (actually, the reason for the get-away) we hit the mountain (hard). Post baby...not so easy. Core muscles need a little work! I spent the good majority of the day on my hiney, but it was so fun and such a beautiful day, I didn't care! Tony and I took our nephews, Ben and Coleman, and had a blast. Although I only saw the boys at lunch (and the last run with Tony) I had so much fun. On the last run, when I finally got up to a standing position, Tony caught up with me and got a few pictures. Great Day!

If you look closely, you'll see the boarding angel on my shoulder!

Needed a little rest.

After boarding

Babies, Babies, Babies!!!

Oh, how time gets away from me! We took a little trip to SLC at the end of January for a little friend visiting and (Snow)Board Therapy! I had talked to Joanna about a month before we went, and to my excitement he told me that the Dickson clan would be in SLC at the same time. WHAT?!? Hip, Hip, Hooray!!! I havn't seen them for entirely WAY too long, and had never even had the chance to meet Carson, who is just 2 weeks older than Anthony. So, it was high time that we have a get-together. Jo had the great idea to surprise the Hart's, so we planned lunch and invited Chris, Megan and Addie. Much to their surprise, when they arrived we had a little mini-reunion! It was so much fun to catch up with everyone, nosh on some Litza's pizza, salad and garlic bread, which I have longed for for a long time now! We thought we should document this little visit...and it was a challenge! Here are our attempts at photographing 3 babies at the same time!

Addie's ready! (She deals with a lot of paparazzi)

Mr. A-very concerned with his feet. Yep, Son, they're still there!

Who, What, Where?

Emaline lending a helping hand!


Well, better luck next time!

Joanna and Mini-Me, oh, I mean Carson.

Addie got the "Hear no evil" but the boys just wouldn't cooperate with the "see" and "speak" parts...BOYS!

It's still wild to me that 3 great friends had 3 babies within 3 months of each other! I know we'll be lifelong friends, and so will the bambino's. I am so thankful to have such great friends! It was great to see you girls (and boys). Let's do it again before too long!