Sunday, February 14, 2010

Where have I been?

Before my rather ridiculouslylongwinded update, I would like to say Happy Valentines Day to my one and only Valentine. I saw a picture of the heart below that a fellow blogger had taken and posted on her blog. She said it was taken at the end of Pier 39. We were headed to San Fran just a few weeks after I saw this, so when we were there, I thought I'd wander over to the banister to see if it was still there, or even findable. I walked up to the old wood railing, and it's the first thing I saw. I love you, Tony. You're the best Valentine a girl could ask for. Ok, well for starter, our hard drive crashed, in the midst of the holiday's, so that was not our first priority, aparently neither was it the first priority of my computer technician. And I started a new job, which takes up all my blogging time, I mean I barely have time to take a restroom break, let alone blog. Third, I have an-almost two year old, which actually over-rides excuses one and two. So, with that said, here's what Bug-Man, Wonder Baby and myself have been up to since my last update. The Hart's came to Vegas to visit, and sadly for them we didn't let them out of our house. Sorry guys. Really, I am. They came for an amazing purpose (not just our annual get-together; Vegas Style) and I still (4 months later) cannot wrap my head around their visit. If I ever find words of gratitude for them, they'll be first to know. Tony asked Chris to baptize him while they were here, and it was truely the most amazing experience I have been witness to. For me, mountains were moved, and I really will never find the right words to express my gratitude for my friends. Thank you.

Since I didn't really let them leave the house, however, there are not many photos to document the whole trip, except for this adorable little photo of the munchkins in the tub together. Neither of them had ever shared a tub, so neither of them was quite sure what to do. Addie splashed, Wonder Baby took cover. It was pretty funny. We literally went out to dinner once, then had a house full of people the next day, after the baptism, then that night, for the UFC fight. The next day was church and relax, then they had to go home. So... HART'S... if you're out there...Please forgive us... Please come back again in October (it wouldn't be October with out you)... Please, Please, Please!After the Hart's visit, we had Halloween. Here's my (little) Tony (THE only time I will EVER call him Tony) the Tiger. He loved his little Tiger Costume. And after the first few houses, really got the whole concept of Trick-or-Treating. Although adults in costume totally freaked him out, he loved running from house to house. We went to the Pumpkin Patch and picked one out, took it home, gutted it, carved it, lit a candle, set it on the table, then threw it away after 2 days. FUN!And Spooky!Shortly after Halloween, we had a gold party, where our friends came to sell their old unwanted gold. This really wasn't all that evenful, other than we got to dress Homeboy up to model the goods. It's the Mr. T starter kit. I pitty da fool!Then in November, we played in the dog run.And then... THIS guy... this dear, sweet, hansome, loving Bug-Man, MY Bug-Man took me to San Francisco for my first 29th birthday. Just the two of us. For 3 whole days. I SLEPT IN for 2 days in a row. Oh, it was delightful. We wandered around Union Square, We visited The Rock, which is where dear, sweet, loving Bug-Man, MY dear, sweet, loving Bug-Man threated to leave me had I not shaped up.Luckily I did (bringing you this blog update, aren't I?)We wandered Pier 39, ate Trish's doughnuts, walked down to Fisherman's Wharf, got dressed up(ish), and ate great food, shopped, and again, did I mention the sleeping in part? It was such an awesome trip, and I love my husband so much for wisking me away, on a romantic little weekend. Thanks love!We went to a little Christmas get-together with friends, where Wonder Baby got to be Rudolph. He makes a good one, doesn't he?Then we headed to Salt Lake City to see my family and spend Christmas with them (and maybe sneak in a little snowboarding). Anthony LOVES to see and play with his aunts, uncles and cousins. We wish we saw them every week!He loves Pop, and I'm pretty confident that feeling is mutal.I got to have a little snuggle with my hansome husband, and while my sneaky little big sister was fondling my precious Canon, she gave it back to me with this:Oh, honestly, Angie... We can do better than that...hand it over.But then she recruited Ben, and we sadly, sadly lost this battle. We raised the white flag and surrendered. Well played you two.Christmas morning, we took Anthony sledding at my elementary school.He liked it, despite the photo below, he just had to take cover from the cold white stuff coming his way... he doesn't get to see much of that.After the first run down the hill, he spotted the playground and couldn't have cared less about the dumb sled... there was a SLIDE! He went down forward...backward, forward, backward, for....well, you get my drift (get it...drift, snow?!? Ha... man I crack me up).Then we bundled up... Really bundled up, it was like 14 degrees, and headed to Temple square to see the lights. I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing this, and haven't for several years. It was SO beautiful. We were joined by our great friends, The Harts (picture taken where they got engaged) and froze our hind parts almost off (not quite, though, darn it... my hind part is still there.)But it was worth every last shiver. Because THIS:It is breath-taking. It gets prettier every time I see it. There were different nativities all around, to illustrate different cultures, and I fell in love with the Japanese one. It's too cute with the little pagoda style manger and all the cute little slanty eyes. I want one living room display size for my house... Anyone? Anyone? No?... Oh, well.Then, we headed back to Vegas to have a little Christmas celebration with the Sekikawa's. Anthony now has more toys than some countries. Seriously. He loves all of them and loved opening the presents. Thanks everyone for your generosity. Then, New Years rolled around, and what better way to celebrate than having a little frosting, right off the beater? There's only one thing better;Sharing it with your dog. I'll try to be a little better with the updates, sorry peeps! Hope this is good for now...

The End.