Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Baby Pictures

Anthony tries so hard for his thumb, that I'm really happy for him when he finds it! He doesn't always get that what he's sucking on is attached to him, and he obviously doesn't have control of his hands, so when his hand moves and his thumb...that he worked so hard to find pops out, he get's a little angry, poor guy.
The baby fell asleep with his hand against his face, and Tony couldn't resist the opportunity to wedge the phone in there. Afterall, baby's got stuff to do. It reminds me of the etrade commercial, with the baby. If you havn't seen it, youtube it, because it's pretty funny!

AJ has a look that cracks me up, because all I can see is my brother Josh. He totally looks like him here, it's CRAZY! I never thought that new babies looked like anyone, generally I just think they look like babies, but I can actually see someone in him everytime I look at him. This look just happens to be Josh!

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a picture of AJ and his doggy, Scout. She licks him a lot, we constantly have to keep her away from his face, but he never seems to mind. Sometimes he smiles at her, other times, he just closes his eyes, and waits for the giant dog tongue to leave. He never fusses though.

Well, another week has past, and i have to go back to work on Monday. BOO HOO! I don't want to go. I never thought I'd feel this way, I thought for sure I'd be itching to get back to work by this time, but the thought of not spending every day, all day with my little man is so sad! I guess I gotta do it though, so suck it up Mollz.

We did go to Utah for the 24th of July, which to Tony's surprise is actually a holiday there! Thank heaven for those pioneers! We had fun! Tony golfed with my dad all three days that we were there, and actually complained about being tired. Jack was quick to point out that he's 70, and had no problems! We didn't do too much, went to Park City for dinner with Chris & Megan and Addie, went back to Park City outlets to do a bit of shopping. hung out outside (not easy to do in Vegas, so it is actually a highlight!) We went to ward breakfast, and neighborhood BBQ. Here a few pics from our trip!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SO... we had some pictures taken of A.J. and Tony and I, for the most part they're pretty good. Tony's customer (who used to be his baby-sitter...which is kind of creepy, I won't lie) does a little hobby photography and got some pretty good shots, but I want lots more of him awake. He slept through most of the bulb flashing...can't bother that kid with anything when he wants to sleep (just wish that were actually at night!) But, thought I'd share a couple of the pics!

Hopefully I'll have a little more excitement on this blog after our Utah trip, and we actully do something. We're kind of prisoners of our house because 115 degrees doesn't go so well with 6 week old baby. You'd think we could go out at night, but when the LOW temp for the day is still 101...not so much! SO, we stay in a lot! Can't wait to go to Utah and cool off, and see some great outdoors!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Anthony Jack

So here is our little man... Anthony Jack Sekikawa. Born on June 3, 2008 @ 10:39 pm. He weighed 8 lbs, 11 oz. and was 21 inches long. He just had his one month check up and is already 23 inches, and 12 lbs. BIG BOY! He is so fantastic. We love him so much and we're so happy he's finally here and so cute! (Ok, so I'm a little bias!)