Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dear Anthony

My Sweet Anthony,
Three already? Weren't you just born? I know it's going to get annoying at some point that I'm always saying "time really flies" or " I can't believe how fast it's gone" but I'll keep saying them anyway. You make my day every single day. My heart beats for you and Carter. I love every single second with you, even the ones that are really trying. You have accomplished so much for such a little guy in the last year. You hardly said any words by the time you were 2, and now at 3, your vocabulary is huge, and sometimes rather humorous. You've learned to wear "big boy" pants, and all that comes with that (I'll spare all the "potty" talk...wouldn't want to embarass you!) You're so smart, and very resourceful. You're always very concerned and have been since the first day of your life; I think you were born with a furrowed brow. You became a big brother this year, something I was really nervous about. You have LOVED Carter since the moment you saw him. You took to him like you've always known him, and have become the best brother. You have learned many many many songs and always love to sing them. You have learned so much at church and I know you have an increased understanding of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
I love your personality, and your demeanor. You are always doing the funniest things. You are always concerned about what's going on around you and will not settle for an answer about what's going on, you want to see/touch/hear what ever is around you. We've successfully gone through the "why" phase and sometimes revisit it. You always have to know where Carter is. If I put him down for a nap, and come back to a room empty handed, you ask where he is. If you and I walk to another room, and leave Carter, you ask me to go get him. You love to ride your bike (big wheel) and I'm sure you'll love the new one you just got for your birthday. You love to play "kitchen" and you always come up with excellent gourmet dishes. You love to "help" (when you have children of your own, you'll understand why that word is in quotes.) me with anything and everything. Especially in the kitchen, you want to help do dishes, make dinner, put away groceries... anything. You always request pancakes because it's fun for you to mix the batter, but you don't actually ever eat the pancakes. I love all the things you say like: "Fank-you for mine yay-gos." (Thank you for my legos), "Her's Firsty" (Referring to Scout being thirsty), "Yinkin Yogs" (Lincoln Logs), "Cinda-yay-a" (Cinderella). I love that you quietly sing and chatter little made up songs when you're playing by yourself. I love you're sweet little kisses, and hugs. I love you're laugh. I love when you and I exchange a good hard laugh, and we can't stop because the other can't stop. I cannot imagine a day without all of those things.
I'm so excited for you to start preschool in the fall, I know you're going to LOVE it! Although, admittedly, I am a little sad. I want you to be 3 forever. I love every moment of it. I pray everyday that I am able to teach you right from wrong, and that you'll grow up with a strong testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I pray that you'll have a strong knowledge of the gospel, and a desire to live, share and teach it. I love you and Carter with all of my heart. You are by far my greatest accomplishment in life and I love you, I love you, I love you. Happy Number 3!

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Jen Rose said...

That was so sweet! I totally got teared up! You're such a great mom! xoxo